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Pawnee Lake

Pawnee lake is located about 2 miles north of the main square.  The 250-acre lake has about 5 miles of shoreline which is dotted with developed and partially developed areas 5 sites with camping hookups. Other amenities and facilities include electricity, a group shelter, picnic areas, restrooms, bathhouse, swimming beach, swimming pool, water-skiing, educational pathways, 9-hole golf course, and grass airport.  

Eagle 1.jpg

West side Pawnee Lake, spring 2020.

Our Pawnee Lake is also a nesting place for a couple bald eagles.  Male and female eagles build the nest together.  The nest building activity is part of their pair bonding.  Nest building may begin 1-3 months prior to mating and is considered part of the breeding process.  Breeding season varies regionally, beginning in November and December in southern areas.  Bald eagles nest in trees usually choosing the tallest living tree (super canopy) with accessible branches.  The nest is built high in the tree below the crown supported by large forked branches near the trunk.  Eagles have strong nest site fidelity, meaning they return to the same nest and nesting territory each year.  If they successfully produce young at a nest, they are likely to return to that nest year after year.  Pawnee has been fortunate by having eagles near the lake for multiple years.

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Pawnee Lake Camping.jpg

Fishing License Info

A Fishing license may be purchased 24/7 at the local Police Station.

Pawnee Police Station, 626 6th Street
Pawnee, Ok. 74058, (918) 762-3166

Fishing License Fees:
(For the State of OK: Not required for the City of Pawnee)


Resident Fishing:

Kids: (0-15) - Free

Youth: (16 & 17) - $5.00 

Adult: (18 & up) - $25.00 / 1 year
                          - $88.00 / 5 years

Boat Fees:

Daily Boat Fee  - $7.00

Season Boat Fee - $40.00

*Please note that the fees listed above are for the year 2019 and may increase each year. For the current fees, please contact the Police Station at their number listed above.*

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