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Click's Steakhouse

Click's History

In 1962, Clifton “Click” Nelson opened a bar/grill, originally named Click’s Alamo Club, in this building. Customers knocked at the door and were checked through a 2-way mirror. We’re not sure which customers were welcomed and which weren’t but women didn’t go into the club for the first few years. Besides being known for his outstanding steaks, Click was also known for his colorful language. He served hamburgers and fries for lunch, but if a customer ordered that for dinner, Click could be heard bellowing from the kitchen “Who ordered the @!#?@1 fries? They can go across the street to the @!#?@! Tastee Freeze for that! In fact, the locals would bring in new customers and urge them to order fries just to watch their reaction to Click’s tirade. Everyone knew that his bark was worse than his bite and that he was actually a good guy at heart. In 1982 Click sold the restaurant to the Bob Sanders family. In 1995, the Sanders family sold the restaurant to Roger Smith. Roger Smith operated the restaurant until 2008 when the present owners Chad and Cindy Bearden purchased the restaurant. Though the building has undergone changes and the menu has expanded, the quality of the steaks and the unique aging and preparation technique has not. We hope you enjoy your dining experience with us and we promise not to yell if you order fries!!

Click's Dinner Menu


Click's Steakhouse
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